Private Coaching

Dr. Cooper has created two custom coaching programs that are designed to help maximize performance for individuals and organizations. These private coaching experiences were created to provide members with clarity, structure, and strategies to help them get MASSIVE results in key areas of their business and/or life. The two custom programs are outlined below.

Make Your Mark Coaching

Performance and Potential Program

This program was created with the sole purpose of helping private clients go out and pursue their highest potential. The program, while tailored to each member, includes a specific performance process to help individuals close the gap on their highest aspirations so they can live to their absolute full potential.

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Extraordinary Brand Coaching

Branding and Business Building Program

This program was created to help coaches, entrepreneurs, and business leaders create innovative marketing strategies that allow them to cultivate ENERGY around their product(s). In addition to outlining a specific high level branding process, this coaching program includes materials to help members elevate their psychology while implementing cutting edge technologies.

Private Coaching

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Dr. Cooper is selective on the number of clients he takes on because of his schedule and desire to add real value to the people he works with in a coaching capacity. To learn more about the private coaching opportunities and/or to be considered as a client, please fill out this coaching application.

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Coaching is not just about getting results. Striving to achieve at a high level is a given. It is about drastically changing lives. Miss that and you miss the point.Coyte Cooper