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Dr. Coyte Cooper has given over 300 talks in the last 10 years to audiences across the United States. Focusing on helping individuals reach their full potential, Dr. Cooper specializes in creating world-class presentations that are both engaging and life altering. He prides himself on packaging topics remarkably well so he drastically transform lives when delivering to an audience. This includes topics that fall into Dr. Cooper’s Performance, Personal Branding and Brand Development areas of specialization. You can learn more about these topics below.

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High Impact Topic Areas

Dr. Cooper is committed to adding value to his audiences when he travels. This is why he recently launched a new “Keynote Speaker Combo Package” that allows hosts to pick two topics for Dr. Cooper to present while he is on site visiting. To learn more about this program, click on the link below. The keynote topic areas are outlined more in depth below the link.

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Mental Mastery: Rewiring Your Brain & Life for MASSIVE Success

Proactive people and organizations are always looking to find the next level. This presentation combines Dr. Cooper’s most effective performance tips with the strategies of the most successful people on the planet to create a process to help people get MASSIVE results in their lives.

Concepts Covered: Using your brain’s full potential, creating systems to maximize performance (e.g., goal setting, growth plans), (3) overcoming mental barriers, (4) retraining mind to seek extraordinary, and other high performer concepts.

Lasting Impressions: Create a Personal Brand That Makes You Remarkably Memorable

Every single day, we make decisions that have a lasting impact on our future and the quality of our life. The thing is that most people never realize how much their daily interactions matter. This talk breaks down the concept of personal branding and teaches audience members how they can create a CRAZY UNIQUE daily approach that leaves lasting impressions on the people around them.

Concepts Covered: Why most people wander, the power of choice in transformation, the incredible value of values, steps to transform your reputation/life, and other personal branding concepts.

The ENERGY Equation: Building a CRAZY Unique Culture and Approach Worth Following

There are coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders all around the United States and world that are striving to differentiate themselves. This presentation is designed to provide audience members with key concepts to help them build an extraordinary brand that attracts loyal consumers/fans. In addition to outlining the branding process, the talk introduces creative marketing strategies that leaders can use to build their tribe via technology.

Concepts Covered: Creating an ENERGY culture, the power of mindset in branding, creating content that truly engages, using technology to extend reach, and other high level branding concepts.

How to Book a Talk

Dr. Cooper is currently booking talks for 2017 and 2018. If you have an event where you believe he would be a good fit as a speaker, use the contact form below to get in touch with him.

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