About Coyte

Dr. Coyte Cooper is a bestselling author, coach, podcast host, and speaker committed to helping people perform to their full potential so they can achieve extraordinary things. He is the author of new #1 new release Make Your Mark book, the host of the Earn the Right to Live Your Dreams podcast, and a former NCAA Division I All-American. Dr. Cooper got his Ph.D. from Indiana University in Sport Marketing and was a college professor for 9 years where he established a line of research in the area of branding and social media marketing. He is married to his beautiful wife Brandy and they live in Anacortes, Washington with their two awesome kids, Carter and Mya.


Dr. Cooper’s philosophy is to strive to add CRAZY VALUE to people’s lives every single day. Whether giving a presentation, writing a book, teaching a course, or posting on social media, he is passionate about delivering content that impacts followers in a meaningful way. This is done by finding innovative ways for people to live at their highest level.


Dr. Cooper was an elite athlete for over 20 years of his life where he was an NCAA All-American and HS National Champion/World Team Member in the sport of wrestling. After finishing his college wrestling career, he transitioned into a career as a coach and then college professor, in which he established a line of research in the areas of branding and vision. He also excelled as a teacher, being named the EXSS Teacher of the Year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Having the opportunity to get to know Dr. Cooper has had a tremendous impact on my overall personal and professional growth. He truly understands the importance of building positive relationships that make lasting impressions. He lives each and every day with gratitude, energy, and a sincere excitement for helping others around him, and I’ve become better in all aspects.”

Scott Grant
CEO/Founder of Triple Threat Leadership

Author of Make Your Mark


  • #1 New Release Make Your Mark Book
  • First Impressions book sold over 3,000 copies
  • Worked with over 2,000 people in Impressions 28-Day Growth Challenge
Coach and Speaker


  • Host of Earn the Right to Live Your Dreams Podcast (50,000+ downloads)
  • Given over 300 talks across United States in past 10 years
  • Launched Fundamentals of High Performance course curriculum
Former Champion Wrestler

Former Athlete

  • NCAA Division I All-American
  • 3x National Champion in High School
  • 3x World Team Member in High School