3 Reasons Why People Fall Short of Expectations

ExpectationsHave you ever set a New Year’s resolution only to fizzle two to three weeks later?  Or been inspired to pursue a life-long dream and found yourself in the exact same position you started six months later?

The truth is that nearly all people can relate to these types of situations.  While it may not have been these specific instances, everyone has had times where they did not follow through on their intentions.

When you break things down, it is evident that most people truly do want to create a meaningful life.  Not really surprising, right?  And not rocket science.  People generally just want to accomplish cool things.

If so many seemingly competent people hope to achieve better outcomes in their lives, then why is it that they fail to execute and realize their aspirations?  How is it possible that nearly 90 percent of all Americans fail to follow through on their New Year’s resolutions?

It is impossible to pin down just one reason why people are unable to achieve their aspirations.  After all, people are all very different and tend to approach situations based on their unique backgrounds.

However, when you study individuals going through the transformation process, you quickly recognize three primary reasons why people generally fall short of expectations.

3 Reasons People Fall Short of Expectations

1. Expecting easy

We live in an instant gratification society where we are trained to believe that things should come quickly and with minimal effort.  The problem with this mentality is it is counterproductive to what is required to achieve meaningful accomplishments.  The reality is that the best achievements in life are ones that will require you to step outside your comfort zone.

Solution: Research what it will take to reach your end destination and acknowledge the challenges required to succeed in your pursuit.  Then simply train your mind to expect that there will be parts of the journey that will be a bumpy ride.
2. Inefficiency at clearing the clutter

The ability to create meaningful change in your life will almost always require the establishment to new habits that require a time investment.  When this is not fully acknowledged, people tend to fit in their new behaviors whenever they are convenient.  This often leads to an inconsistent approach that lends itself to inconsistent results.

Solution: Make your intentions a top priority by clearing your schedule and giving them a prime time slot where they get your full attention.  This will allow you to create consistency in your approach so the right habits can form that allow you to achieve your desired end outcome.
3. Not willing to earn it

There are instances where people know the challenges that come with change, they are able to arrange their schedule to establish habits, and they still end up falling short of their expectations.  Why?  Because when things get tough, they are not willing to earn the right to live their aspirations.  Most people are simply not willing to do what it takes to achieve unique things.

Solution: Train your mind to embrace the situations where your environment is less than ideal.  In the times where you do not feel like it, pride yourself on having the mental toughness to follow through on your intentions.  This will allow you to build discipline that will help you achieve all of your aspirations.