7 Ways You Know You Have Found Your Real Passion

The term “pursuing your passion” seems to be thrown around quite casually when discussing the pursuit of happiness and success. While there is little doubt that passion plays a key role in living a remarkable life, what does it mean to find your real “why?”

Real Passion

As humans, we often make decisions that will allow us to maximize our pleasure.  This means it is natural for us to want to pursue our passion if we are confident it will bring us something enjoyable in return.

We have all heard the telltale signs that coincide with finding your passion.  Energy, purpose, and specificity in intentions to name a few.  While this can be true, some of the real signs for knowing you have found your real passion are far more subtle.

You see, the truth is that life often has a way of making it challenging to see your true passion with real clarity.  There is so much clutter around us that we will often miss signs that tell us we are on the right track.

How do I know about these signs?  Because they are ones that I have missed in the past when attempting to pursue my passion.  I hope these lessons will allow you to navigate far more efficiently in the pursuit of your dreams.

7 Ways You Know You Have Found Your Real Passion

1. 5:00am is no longer too early: Meaningful success involves sacrifice that most people are not willing make.  When you find your real “why,” you will know because 5:00am will no longer be too early for you to get up and pursue your dreams.  I know, I know!!! This may sound insane to you now, but when your vision is clear and you understand the consequences of an extra hour of personal development each day, this will no longer be an issue.

2. Willingness to earn the right to live your dreams: It is unrealistic to think that you will always be energized when pursuing your aspirations.  This is the mistake that most people make in our society.  It is the instant gratification mentality.  The real sign that you have found your passion lies in your willingness to do things to progress towards your aspirations even when you don’t feel like it.

3. Momentum is not longer your determining factor: When it comes to aspirations, one of the primary mistakes that people make is they often wait until their environment is ideal to take action.  I have to admit this is something I have been guilty of in the past. When I first started writing “Impressions,” I believed I needed to feel inspired to get started.  Three weeks later, I realized that my approach was destined for failure.  If I was truly passionate about writing a book that would impact people’s lives, then I needed to take action and create my own momentum.

4. You are frustrated when doing “good” things: Passion is all about shunning the status quo and investing in initiatives that are inspiring to you.  When you get in touch with your “why” and know the exact things you hope to achieve in life, it will start to become clear when you are engaged in activities that do not align with your vision.  Even if these are “good” initiatives, they will cause you to become frustrated when you invest time in them because you will intuitively know that they do not contribute to what you are most passionate about.

5. You develop the courage to say “no” to opportunities: Knowing that something is not a good fit for your passion is one thing.  Actually having the courage to say no to it so you can spend your time pursuing your aspirations is another.  Yet this is exactly what you need to do if you want to live your dream.  When you have a clear, powerful “why,” then you will start to realize that you are ready to say no to opportunities that do not align with your vision.

6. You start to see failure as a productive part of process: Most normal people try to avoid failure if possible.  When you have lofty aspirations that are in alignment with your passion, then you realize that failure is a productive part of the process.  More importantly, you learn to embrace it because you know that it will allow you to get one step closer to your dream with each lesson you learn.

7. You are willing to do it until you die: Author and speaker Simon Sinek explains that there is one way to truly know if you have found your “why.”  It is quite simple really.  You know you have a burning desire to achieve something when you are willing to pursue it until you die.  This is how you know you are truly passionate about something.