Have you ever had a strong urge to be EXTRAordinary at something in your life, but then failed to take action on it?  This can be disappointing, right?

The truth is that we are all wired to go out and live life at a CRAZY high level.  The problem is that we have adopted the wrong programming (thoughts and rules) throughout our life and this holds us up from being EXTRAordinary.

This video outlines two of the specific rules that many people adopt that stop them from living to potential.  These are not intentional…we have simply accepted them without knowing it.

  1. The rule that says that success is not for us
  2. The rule that allows others to define success for us

The moment you acknowledge that you have accepted these rules, you can take steps to eliminate them and take your life to an entirely new level.  This is a small shift that can make a PROFOUND difference in how you approach living.

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