How to Build a CRAZY Unique Brand That Differentiates You

EXTRAordinary brands are not an accident.  They are something that are intentional and earned each day.  The truth is that you can almost guarantee branding success with the right approach.

If you don’t believe it, then look at the top brands in the world.  Companies like Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos know exactly who they want to be.

Listen, nobody actually sets out to create an average brand.  Yet this is what happens with 97% of all businesses, programs, and products.

Why exactly?  Most people’s intentions are good, but they often get lost in the clutter of trying to create something that stands out.

If you want to avoid this trap, then you need to start with the right structure.  Following four initial simple steps (see below) can drastically increase your chances of success.

This episode discusses these four steps in detail to help provide you with a framework for branding success.  Moving through these steps will help guarantee results moving forward.

  1. Cultivate a desire to be different
  2. Dreamstorm what you want your brand to be about
  3. Create an inspirational brand vision
  4. Re-visit your brand vision daily

The key to branding success is an intentional daily approach.  Carve out your plan and have the discipline to live it each day.  And if you need more support, take advantage of the two unique resources below.

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