How to EARN More Confidence

Pretty much every person on the planet wants more confidence in some area of their life.  Why?  Because confidence deals with our ability to believe we are capable of achieving cool things and living a great life.

One of the main issues I have found with working with people in coaching and courses is that people tend to think that confidence is out of there hands.  They simply believe it comes from genetics or environment.

Neither of these things are true.  The truth is that confidence is earned.  This blog episode outlines four steps you can take to get out and cultivate confidence on a daily basis so you can close the gap on your goals.

  1. Pick Your Perspective Point: The first step is owning the fact that you can cultivate confidence and other skill sets with your actions.
  2. Be Intentional With Growth: The second step involves investing in a growth system that keeps your mind actively focused on the right things while building your skill sets.
  3. Take Daily Steps Towards Goals: The third step involves doing something intentional each day to close the gap on the things that matter to you most so you can build momentum.
  4. Eliminate the Picture of Perfect: The final step involves eliminating your perception that you need to be perfect so you can get started and enjoy the process.

Get out and be proactive about earning confidence so you can create a life you absolutely love.  If you enjoyed this episode and are looking for more direction, be sure to check out the Make Your Mark book and Fundamentals of High Performance Course.