The Secret to Being ENERGIZED at 87

It is assumed that we lose energy as we age. You just get old and tired, right? WRONG!!! The truth is that you can be ENERGETIC and PASSIONATE at any age!!!

If you don’t believe me, then just take a look at Bev Ball.  At age 87, she is still coaching at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas and absolutely loves what she does each day.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Bev and was blown away by her passion for life.  When I asked her how she had so much ENERGY, she responded, “love.”

In this video, I outline two ways that you can use love to drastically transform your life.  In addition to increasing energy levels, it will help you create a life you are crazy passionate about.

You don’t have to settle for a life that you do not love.  The truth is that you can make changes at any moment to get more of the things you want in your life.

If you want to learn more about how to make this happen, then listen to a recent podcast interview with Bev.  You can access this episode by clicking on the link below.  There are also interviews with other EXTRAordinary people and lessons to enhance your life so be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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Get full interview with legendary 87-year old coach Bev Ball