ETR Monthly Live Lesson (WWYFF Goals)

About the Lesson

This is the fourth training lesson from the ETR Monthly Coaching Club.  It features a WWYFF Goals concept that is designed to help members improve their productivity and potential on a consistent daily basis.  In addition to outlining a simple process on how to set impactful goals, it touches on an Empowering “HOW?” habit that was created to maximize follow through and action.  The final element the lesson covers is how to train your brain to close the gap on these goals on a consistent daily basis.

About the ETR Monthly Coaching Club

The ETR Monthly Coaching Club is a resource designed to help proactive professionals and leaders maximize their personal leadership, productivity and potential.  Members get monthly training lessons created to improve clarity, focus, ENERGY, motivation and results on a consistent basis.  The members also get access to special trainings to help them close the gap on their vision and goals.


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