ETR Private Coaching

Proactive people are always looking for unique ways to find the next level in their careers and lives.  There is a consistent urge inside them to level-up so they can achieve extraordinary things and tap into their highest potential.  This is exactly why I decided to create the Earn the Right (ETR) coaching program.  I wanted to build a world-class process that would help proactive athletes, business professionals, coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders achieve optimal performance in the most important areas of their lives.  The ETR program features a unique HP3 system that serves as the foundation to helping clients radically elevate their purpose, passion and potential on a consistent daily basis.

HP3 = High Purpose. High Passion. High Potential.

Breakdown and Benefits

The ETR coaching program features an impactful 12-lesson process that is custom designed to help clients maximize their purpose, passion and potential in the key areas of their lives.  On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, clients are guided through high performance topics that were created to increase clarity, ENERGY, focus, motivation, passion and results.  The coaching program is unique because it combines these lessons with a set structure (application sheets, Habit Tracker and HP3 Planner) that was custom designed to radically elevate accountability and follow through for clients.  Below are some of the outcomes that clients can expect to experience in the ETR coaching program.

Crystal Clear Clarity + Disciplined Time Efficiency
Maximized Daily ENERGY and Passion Levels
Growth Mindset Focused Sharply on Productive and Possible
Daily Approach Conductive to Peak Productivity and Desirable Outcomes
Elevated Capacity to Lead Self and Others at a High Level
Ability to Impact, Inspire and Influence People

The ultimate goal of the ETR coaching program for me is to work with you one-on-one to create a system that drives HP3 (high purpose, passion and potential) in the key areas of your life.  I see my job as a coach to help you get clear on your most important things so we can cultivate habits and approach to maximize your productivity and desired outcomes on a consistent daily basis.  I have created a custom process and planning system to help you make this happen.  If you are interested in learning more about this coaching program, contact Dr. Cooper (

“Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Cooper has had a tremendous impact on my overall personal and professional growth. He truly understands the importance of building positive relationships that make lasting impressions. He lives each and every day with gratitude, energy, and a sincere excitement for helping others around him, and I’ve become better in all aspects because of him.”

Scott Grant
CEO/Founder of Triple Threat Leadership

Background and Coaching Philosophy

From the time I was young, performance has always been a part of my life.  I excelled early in my athletic career and was fortunate that my parents got me exposed to world-class coaches that helped pull out my highest potential.  This allowed me to win three National Champions, make three World Teams and win three state championships that earned me a full athletic scholarship at Indiana University.  At the collegiate level, I had the opportunity to become an NCAA Division I athletic and academic All-American.  While the championships and elite competition were cool, I now realize that the processes I learned were by far the most valuable aspects of these experiences.  Why?  They made me realize that there was a formula to High Performance and achieving remarkable “success” in life.

“My goal is to help you create systems that drive HP3 (high purpose, passion and potential) so you can Earn the Right to create extraordinary outcomes in your life.”

Since my athletic career, I have continued to make performance a key emphasis in my life.  After finishing my Ph.D. at Indiana University, I went on to become a college professor for nine years, with the last seven years being at the University of North Carolina.  After a disappointing tenure decision (see my TEDx talk for details here), I walked away from academia to pursue my dream of becoming a world-class author, coach and speaker in the area of High Performance and Potential.  I was passionate about finding unique ways to help proactive people pull out their highest potential.  It was this decision that led me down a path to creating a world-class HP3 coaching system that has now impacted thousands of lives.  I am excited to get the chance to teach it to you!

Coyte Cooper has changed my life. He has a profound way of teaching people how to “flip the script” and redirect our minds to focus on the positive and priorities in our life. I have purpose, clarity, and can envision a life by my design now and it was through his training and leadership that I believed in me again.”

Natalie Rene
Business Owner and Fitness/Wellness Coach

ETR Coaching Application

If you are interested in working with me in this ETR Coaching Program, then please fill out the application below.  I have a limited amount of spaces available and want to be sure that I only take on clients who are serious about creating meaningful change  and transformation in their lives.  I am also interested in making sure that I can help you achieve the goals you are passionate about pursuing in your life.

Apply for ETR Coaching Program

Once you fill out the application, I will reach out to set up a complimentary coaching call with you.  This will allow us to talk through your responses and give your some initial guidance on how to create momentum in your life.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via email at