01 You Have Been Robbed of Your Ability to Dream

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4 Steps to Live Dreams

In this episode, Dr. Coyte Cooper shares three ways you have been robbed of your ability to dream and how you can get back to living a life full of energy and passion. He touches on the following four steps that are designed to help put yourself on track to earn the right to live all of your highest aspirations in the future.

4 Steps to Live Dreams: (1) No permission needed to pursue your dreams, (2) Pay attention to things that REALLY energize you, (3) Put your aspirations to paper, (4) Take immediate action and pursue your passions.

The good news is that you can take back your ability to dream at any point. Are you willing to take steps to bring energy and focus back in to your life? If so, then you are ready to start earning the right to live your highest aspirations!

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