17 Interview: Superstar Coach Jayme Thompson on Caring Enough to Make Difference

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Beachbody Superstar Diamond Coach

Coach Jayme ThompsonJayme Thompson is a Beachbody Superstar Diamond coach who is drastically impacting lives on a daily basis via fitness and nutrition. This has led to tremendous success in her professional career as she is a 2x Elite Coach and a Success Club 10 Legend within her company.

In this episode, I chat with Thompson about the concept of living at a high level and transforming lives in the process. She touches on the following topics as she emphasizes the importance of showing people you care when leading them.

  • The challenges of transformation
  • Advice to truly touch lives
  • Honing your hustle
  • Refusing to give in to no’s

This episode is all about helping you find the next level in your life! Learn how to master the skill of impacting lives and watch your life explode with abundance!

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Episode Key Talking Points
2:08 Jayme’s transformation journey
10:44 Benefits of transformation
12:05 Bouncing back when you stumble
15:36 What’s it like to impact lives
18:43 Advice to touch lives
20:25 Achieving a MASSIVE milestone
25:17 Honing your hustle
28:41 Refusing to give in to no’s
31:17 Advice to live awesome life