18 Thoughts on my 35th Birthday

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Thought On My 35th Birthday

Birthdays are milestone events that cause us to reflect on your life. For some people this is a bad thing and for others this is a great thing. This entirely depends on your approach to living.

In this episode, I touch on the things I am most proud as I reflect on my 35 years of living on this planet. I also highlight the exact things I want to attract into my life as I move towards future birthdays.

The key is to think about exactly what you want your life to stand for and then have the discipline to pursue it every single day. Do this and every birthday you have will be a celebration of the quality of your life!

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Episode Key Talking Points
0:40 Birthday’s as milestone events
1:52 Finding another level in life
3:11 What I really want in my life
4:51 Be sure to focus on family
5:36 Carving out professional focus
8:44 Future goals for 40!
10:32 Use birthdays to be better!