19 Interview: Administrator Craig Pintens on Creating a Culture of Innovation

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Creating A Culture Of Innovation

Craig Pintens is a Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of Oregon where he oversees Marketing and Public Relations for one the premier athletic departments in the United States. Pintens, a graduate of the Marquette University School of Law, has gone on to become the NACMA President and is known as having one of the most innovative minds in college athletics.

In this episode, I chat with Pintens about his career path and how he has risen to such a prominent position in college athletics. He also touches on the following topics as he emphasizes the importance of innovation when it comes to success.

  • Creating energy surrounding your product
  • Philosophy for career advancement
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Learning how to motivate people

This episode is all about helping you access your creativity as you pursue your aspirations. Learn to create the right culture so you can inspire others and live to your absolute full potential.

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Episode Key Talking Points
4:13 How to break attendance records
8:17 Philosophy: Be the best in every role
11:16 Find a way to get better every day
13:05 The Golden Rule in personal branding
16:35 Oregon & the culture of innovation
21:58 Setting tone for innovation as leader
23:50 How to motivate people
26:01 Future AD aspirations
27:55 Tips for achieving awesome things

Craig Pintens