20 The Oath to Be Extraordinary

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The Oath To Be Extraordinary

Every morning we get out of bed and make a decision about what our life is going to stand for. The thing is that most people have no idea they are even making a decision, and as a result they default to the status quo.

This is exactly why so many people are not satisfied with their lives. They are living way below their full potential and this leaves them feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. The awesome news is that you can do something about it you are willing to take an oath to be extraordinary.

In this episode, I outline the four things you MUST choose if you are going to take an oath to be extraordinary and have your life stand for something truly remarkable.

  • Choose to shun the status quo
  • Choose hard regardless of whether you feel like it
  • Choose to get back up over and over again
  • Choose to earn it every single day of your life

By stepping up and committing to a higher standard, you can create a life that you are absolutely charged about. Check out this episode and transform your life starting today!

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:14 My passion as a person
1:50 Most critical choice you make
4:03 Choose to shun the status quo
5:25 Choose the hard route
8:01 Choose to get back up over and over again
10:23 Choose to earn it

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