22 How to Avoid Being Exhausted

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How To Avoid Being Exhausted

I have met so many people who are worn out. They are exhausted throughout their days and can’t wait until bedtime. There are others who are achieving at a high level, but end up exhausted because they use high amounts of energy interacting with people.

In either instance, it is important that you learn how to refuel your brain if you want to be a high performer. In this episode, I touch on four steps you can take to avoid being exhausted so you can stay charged as you pursue your aspirations.

  • Refuel your tank regularly
  • Control the bookends of your day
  • Shut down strategically when needed
  • Invest in your ability to handle stress

By learning how to keep your body at an optimal state, you can find an entirely new performance level in your daily pursuit. Implement the four steps in the episode and elevate your life in the immediate future.

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Episode Key Talking Points
3:58 Approach to maximize energy
4:48 Keys to be energy person
5:54 Role of exercise in success
7:00 Role of eating in success
7:41 Rule of drinking water in success
9:28 Tip #1: Refuel tank regularly
10:38 Tip #2: Control your bookends
12:35 Tip #3: Shut down strategically
14:37 Tip #4: Invest in ability to handle stress

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