23 Legendary Coach Jim Miller on Elevating Expectations

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Elevating Expectations With People

Jim MillerJim Miller is considered one of the greatest college wrestling coaches of all-time. As the head coach of the Wartburg Wrestling program, he won 10 NCAA Championships and coached 145 All-Americans.

In this episode, I sit down with the legendary coach to discuss the concept of elevating expectations to cultivate a remarkable winning culture. In addition to discussing his own personal aspirations, he touches on the following topic areas:

  • How to be a successful coach
  • Benefits of creating a family culture
  • The most common mistakes leaders make
  • How to perform at a high level each day
  • The role of motivation in leadership

This episode is all about how you can achieve remarkable success in your life. Learn how to elevate your life and how to create a unique team culture from a coach who has led at the highest levels in his sport.

This episode is all about inspiring you to be active so you can live a life full of energy and passion. Get out and be intentional with how you life each day so you can impact others!

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:28 Coach Miller’s journey
3:31 The love for coaching
7:52 How to be successful as coach
13:18 Philosophy as a coach
16:15 Benefits of “family” culture
18:11 How to create winning culture
24:17 Overcoming adversity
26:45 Common mistakes leaders make
30:55 How to perform at high level
34:08 Unique thing about Coach Miller