24 Getting Your Reps to Be GREAT

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Getting Reps To Be Great

Most people have a desire to be great. They want their lives to stand for something unique. Yet most people settle because they don’t know how to achieve extraordinary things.

In this episode, I unveil two key elements you MUST consider if you want to rock your reps and be great in key areas of your life. The two elements that we discuss in the pursuit to achieve extraordinary things are the following:

  • From growth to great (Invest in YOU)
  • From goals to great (Mastering Practice)

By learning how to establish world-class habits in these two areas, you can perform at a crazy high level in your life. Implement the concepts in the episode and watch your life explode with clarity, happiness, and abundance!

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:32 Why people won’t go big
2:32 Change happens in an instant
3:34 Get clear about what you want
4:31 Two key elements to greatness
5:01 1-From growth to great (Invest in YOU)
10:06 2-From goals to great (Practice)
13:25 Greatness is not rocket science

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