25 TEDx Speaker Jim Harshaw on Facing Your Fears

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Facing Fears To Achieve Success

 Jim HarshawJim Harshaw is a former NCAA Division I All-American and Head Coach that has gone on to a successful career as a fundraiser in college athletics. As an entrepreneur, he has started a variety of successful companies and recently did a TEDx Charlottesville talk on overcoming failure.

In this episode, I sit down with the speaker, consultant, and podcaster to discuss the concept of facing fears and developing a system to achieve massive success. In addition to discussing his own personal aspirations, he touches on the following topic areas:

  • The TEDx speaking experience
  • Best lessons from successful people
  • Biggest obstacles to achieving success
  • Daily struggles to stay sharp

This episode is all about how you can elevate your performance levels on a daily basis. Learn how to structure your days from someone who has achieved at a high level in business and sport.

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:51 Jim’s life journey
7:33 The TEDx speaking experience
13:34 Experiences hosting podcast
15:38 Best lessons from interviews
21:08 Creating to transform lives
26:35 Biggest obstacles to success
29:02 Overcoming adversity in journey
33:45 Strategies to stay sharp
37:47 Advice for an AWESOME life