26 How Technology Robs Us of Ability to Be Great

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How Technology Robs Us of Our Ability To Be Great

I was in my classroom this week and had a sobering realization as I taught my course at UNC. While striving to engage my students, I realized that a chunk of them are losing the ability to lock in on valuable teaching moments.

I don’t blame people. We just have not been cognizant about the costs of technology when we do not learn how to balance it. The unfortunate thing is we are missing value moments in our life and we don’t even realize it.

This episode touches on how technology robs us of our ability to be great in our lives. In addition to touching on the consequences, it outlines four ways you can take your focus back and get back to living an extraordinary life:

  1. Pat attention to your technology consumption patterns
  2. Calculate the costs of technology
  3. Set limitations on key time slots
  4. Refuse to be robbed of ability to be great

This episode is all about teaching you to balance your use of technology so you can be great in the most important roles in your life. Learn how to be efficient with your approach so you can achieve all your goals.

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:16 The challenge of clutter
2:07 Two side of technology
4:42 Don’t miss the moments
5:14 5 ways to take your focus back
5:34 (1) Pay attention to technology patterns
6:40 (2) Calculate the costs of over usage
7:38 (3) Set limitations on key time slots
9:35 (4) Refuse to be robbed of ability to be great

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