27 ILC Director Brent Wise on Innovative Education

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Create An Innovative Educational Culture

Brent Wise is an award winning educator who is the Director of the Hilliard Innovative Learning Center in Ohio. As the leader of the school, he has established a unique vision and cleared the path to allow his teachers to cultivate innovation in the classroom.

In this episode, I sit down with the “outside-the-box” leader to discuss the concept of establishing a culture where students are passionate about learning. In addition to the approach at the Hilliard ILC, he touches on the following areas:

  • The keys to creating culture change
  • How leaders set the tone for innovation
  • Embracing a “freedom to fail” mentality
  • The ideal future for education

This episode is all about how you can create a culture of creative thinking for your family, team, and/or school. Focus on establishing leadership skills that allow you to elevate others and watch your life explode with abundance!

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Episode Key Talking Points
3:32 Brent’s educational journey
5:25 Keys to creating change
7:30 Biggest influences in life
11:00 The AWESOME culture at ILC
14:34 Getting outside-the-box in education
18:50 Creative ILC projects
22:07 How leaders set the creative tone
25:01 Embracing the “Freedom to Fail”
27:59 Future dreams to chase down

Brent Wise