28 The Psychology of Starting Strong

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The Psychology Of Starting Strong

I used to dread parts of my week on a pretty regular basis. I focused on the wrong things and as a result I had anxiety that lowered my quality of life and performance levels.

Then I learned about the “power of choice” from Tony Robbins and Viktor Frankl. The moment I took responsibility for my thoughts, I was able to eliminate unwanted feelings so I could maximize efficiency in my life.

This episode touches on how you can drastically increase your performance levels and quality of life by following these steps:

  • Be aware of anxiety
  • Identify your limiting beliefs
  • Swap them with proactive thoughts
  • Be excited for “challenges”

This episode is all about teaching you to gain control your emotions. Learn how to approach your days with a positive psychology so you can earn the right to live all of your dreams.

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:42 You don’t have to feel stress
4:00 The power of choice
6:36 4 ways to shift your psychology
7:00 (1) Be aware of anxiety
8:02 (2) Identify your limiting beliefs
9:07 (3) Swap for proactive thoughts
10:33 (4) Be excited for “challenges”
12:22 Learn to love your days and weeks

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