Are You NOT Entertained? The 3 P’s to PASSIONATE Living

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In the epic historical movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe plays a character who is forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murders of his family and his emperor.

At one dramatic point in the movie, he takes out all of the challengers and yells at the top of his lungs to the audience, “Are you NOT entertained?!?!”

No, this podcast episode doesn’t have anything to do with fighting.  Well, other than having a willingness to fight for the things that matter to you most!

But I do find myself thinking this statement when people tell me how they feel about their results and life.

It is safe to say that most people are not currently entertained by their current situation in life.  Instead, I would say that a large chunk of people would like better results in their lives.

This podcast episode outlines three steps that you can take to achieve passionate living.  If you get great at doing the 3 P’s, you have a shot to be CHARGED about your life on a consistent daily basis.

The 3 P’s to Passionate Living
  1. Prioritize Your WHY
  2. Protect Your WHY
  3. Pursue Your WHY

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