30 My Story: The Gift of Getting Fired

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The Gift Of Getting Fired

Life doesn’t always give you what you want. This was certainly the case for me at the University of North Carolina where I was denied tenure after six years of hard work and sacrifice.

When I found out the decision, I felt a wide range of emotions. I was frustrated, angry, and confused. But then I eventually got my ego out of the way and searched for the lesson in the situation I was facing.

As I pursued the lesson, I realized that being fired from the university was a blessing. Now almost a year out from the situation, I see that I received four unique gifts from being denied tenure.

  • Gift 1: The need for new challenge
  • Gift 2: The test of toughness
  • Gift 3: The chance to grow
  • Gift 4: Freed up to pursue dreams!!!

This episode is all about how to respond to adversity when it comes knocking at your door. Get back up as quickly as possible and find the lesson in the situation you are facing so you can live your dreams!

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Episode Key Talking Points
2:14 My situation at UNC
6:13 Feelings that come with failure
8:26 Two questions that turned things
11:14 The gift of being fired
12:56 The 1st gift: Need for new challenge
14:04 The 2nd gift: Test of toughness
15:31 The 3rd gift: Change to grow
16:41 The 4th gift: Freed to pursue my dreams

Getting Fired