31 Armless Pilot Jessica Cox on Defying the Odds

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Defying The Odds And Achieving Awesome

Jessica Cox, the first armless pilot in aviation history, has consistently overcome obstacles to defy the odds in her life. Cox has gone on to become an international motivational speaker who has spoken in 20 countries and is inspiring people across the world.

In this episode, I sit down with this remarkable human being to talk about elevating expectations and being proactive about going out to achieve great things. In addition to discussing her journey and obstacles, we touched on the following topic areas:

  • The good and bad of being armless
  • What it’s like to fly and make history
  • The legacy question
  • Advice to be AWESOME

This episode is all about helping you eliminate excuses so you can go out and earn the right to live your dreams. Shift your mindset so your expectation is to achieve awesome things!

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Episode Key Talking Points
2:39 Overcoming early adversity
7:50 Consistently elevating standards
8:45 The good and bad of being armless
12:51 Coolest accomplishment to date
14:14 What it’s like to fly and make history
15:32 Advice to be AWESOME
16:29 The legacy question
18:20 Dream to fly around the world

Pilot Jessica Cox