32 The 4 Freedoms From Failure

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The 4 Freedoms From Failure

Failure will come knocking. When it does, it is your job to get back up as quickly as possible so you can progress towards something great.

I have experienced failure in my professional career recently and it caused me to completely reflect on my life. I decided to make a radical change and am now pursuing the aspirations I am most passionate about!

During this process, I have learned lessons that have transformed my life. They have freed me up to puruse an entirely different performance level. Learn about these four “freedoms” in this episode.

  • Freedom 1: You can unravel unwanted thoughts
  • Freedom 2: Stress diminishes as you step
  • Freedom 3: Creativity resides just outside of comfort zone
  • Freedom 4: Pursuing dreams is CRAZY powerful

This episode is all about how to use your failures to elevate your life. Find the opportunities in your situation and free yourself up for greatness!

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Episode Key Talking Points
1:35 Gifts disguised as disappointment
3:29 Tough decisions are necessary
4:28 (1) Unraveling unwanted thoughts
7:14 (2) Stress diminishes as you step
9:39 (3) Creativity outside comfort zone
12:53 (4) Pursuing dreams is POWERFUL
14:41 You are here for a reason!

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