33 Adventurer Francis Tapon on Living Like a Monk to Pursue Dreams

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Living Like A Monk To Pursue Dreams

Have you ever wanted to go out and pursue something that other people would think is crazy? Yet you held back because you worried about what others would say if you fell short of expectations.

This did not stop Francis Tapon. Rather than settle in his life, he lived like a monk for a few years so he could go out and pursue his dream of backpacking across the world.

Learn about all the crazy adventures Francis has had as he pursues the things he is most passionate about every single day. In addition to talking about his craziest trips to date, he touches on the following topic areas:

  • How to push through pain
  • Not giving in when close to quitting
  • How to follow your bliss
  • Live like a monk so you can pursue your dreams

This episode is all about inspiring you to go out and pursue the things you love. Be willing to take a risk so you can live a life you are charged about!

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Francis Tapon