34 The Way We Should See “Failure”

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The Way We Should See “Failure”

I was recently at the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Madison Square Garden where I watched 10 athletes achieve their dreams. It was an inspiring thing to watch.

There was another thing I saw. I observed another 250 who fell short of expectations and many of them were devastated by their outcome.

This got me thinking. What if we are all wrong in how we see “failure?” I truly believe there is another way to perceive adversity. I talk about the four ways you can choose to see it so you can transform your life.

  • See it as temporary
  • See it as situational
  • See it as opportunity to grow
  • See it as path to purpose

This episode is all about how to see challenging situations in a proactive manner. Shift your mindset and elevate your performance levels.

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Episode Key Talking Points
4:31 Your best should be good enough
6:30 Better way of seeing things
7:28 (1) See it as temporary
8:44 (2) See it as situational
10:07 (3) See it as opportunity to grow
11:58 (4) See if as path to purpose