36 Make the World Your Zootopia

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Make The World Your Zootopia

Most of you have probably heard about Zootopia. There has been all kinds of buzz about the movie as it has broken box office records the past month.

In addition to all the messages on social media, I had several friends tell me that I would love Zootopia it because of the main message in the movie. I decided to take my kids this past week and was not disappointed.

The movie has a great theme about being bold and pursuing your dreams. This is why people like it so much. Deep down they would love to be able to do the same thing.

If you want to live this type of life, then you will love this episode as it touches on 5 steps you can take to make the world your Zootopia. You can be exactly like Judy Hopps in real life, but you must be willing to lay it all on the line to chase down your dreams.

If you enjoy the episode, please be sure to share it with friends so we can help them reach their full potential and make the world a MUCH cooler place! Also, be sure to get a copy of my “Impressions: The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life” book on Amazon.

Episode Key Talking Points
1:55 Why people love Zootopia
4:26 You want better in your life
5:54 (1) Believe it’s possible
7:41 (2) Be willing to OWN dreams
8:57 (3) Stop waiting for permission
10:42 (4) Step without seeing entire staircase
13:06 (5) No amount of no’s should stop you