58 How to Get Habits to Take Hold

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Get Your Habits to Take Hold

Success and happiness…these are two things that most people pursue. Yet they tend to allude most people because we don’t know how to consistently bring them to fruition.

When you study the most extraordinary people, you find that they are able to attract both of these things in abundance. How exactly? It all comes down to their habits and the way they approach their days.

If you want to maximize your chances of success and happiness, you need to find a way to establish habits that are conducive to the exact life you want. This episode is dedicated to helping you understand the five steps to make this happen.

This episode is all about helping you establish world-class habits so you can close the gap on your goals. Be outstanding at following through so you can create the exact life you want!

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Episode Key Talking Points
6:50 – (1) Pick habits that matter
7:38 – (2) Stack & schedule top habit
9:23 – (3) Create accountability structure
11:56 – (4) Be active like an ant!
13:24 – (5) Fail your way to follow through

World-Class Habits