The Delayed Gift of Setting a BIG Goal

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“If you have a big goal, it will not come easily or instantly. Instead, it will often be rooted in disappointment and frustration. But if you keep pushing for it, eventually there will come a time when the thing you want just sneaks up on you.  This moment will be worth it so earn it!”

One of the goals I have been passionate about for years is giving a TEDx talk.  It has just been something that really intrigued me since I became aware of the conference.

So, I did what I now tell thousands of people do when they want something.  I wrote this goal down for 6 months and started to take action.

But despite my efforts, nothing happened.  Well, I shouldn’t say nothing because I proceeded to be rejected 5 times straight by TEDx conference planners.

It was frustrating.  It came to a point where I momentarily doubted the effectiveness of goals.  How could I be working the process and not get results?

Yet through these frustrations, I kept writing down my goal.  And I kept my eye out for opportunities to bring it to fruition.

It took longer than I expected, but the opportunity to speak at TEDx recently came.  The interesting part was that it came naturally through relationships when I didn’t expect it.

The lesson I learned is that sometimes there is a delayed nature to goal setting.  When results don’t come, we tend to think it isn’t working.  Instead, it just needed time to unfold.

In this episode, I talk about how to give yourself a shot to achieve your goals when they take longer than expected.

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