ETR 77: The 11-Year Old CEO and 200,000+ Crayons…

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Crayons. 200,000 of them. Can you imagine being able to send that amount to kids in need across the world as an 11-year old in 5th grade? It is staggering to think about!

Yet this is exactly what Bethany Kuster has done with her Color for Kids organization.  She has created a movement designed to provide art supplies to kids in need.

What type of impact have they been able to make?  Well, to date they have provided the following coloring materials to kids across the world.

  • 200,012 Crayons
  • 39,006 Markers
  • 47,214 Colored Pencils
  • 844 Construction Paper Packs
  • 1,601 Glue sticks
  • 1,276 Bottles of Paint
  • 1,260 Watercolor Paint Sets
  • 1,552 Paint Brushes
  • 1,042 Drawing Paper Packs
  • 4,974 Coloring Books

In this podcast episode, we talk about Bethany’s passion for coloring.  We also talk about why she decided to create Color for Kids.

There is so much passion for making a difference in this episode.  I was inspired by the message from this 11-year old leader.  I believe you will too!

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