ETR 70: My Coach Ron on Enthusiasm & Elevating Expectations

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If you are lucky, you have had someone unique step into your life at some point and make it MUCH better.  I can certainly say this was the case for me as an athlete.

In my 20+ years as an athlete, I was blessed to have a variety of solid coaches that left an imprint on me.  But one stood out that completely transformed my mindset and life.

The interesting thing is that we did not call him coach.  He said to call him Ron so we did that.  This was different than any other coach I ever had.  He did not need us to call him coach because we knew exact who the leader was in the room.

We did things completely differently.  We trained in really weird ways.  We were encouraged to be grateful and have fun.  We ended up achieving extraordinary things as a team.

In this episode, I sit down with my former coach Ron and talk about his philosophy on coaching and how he tried to make a difference in his career.  Enthusiasm and elevated expectations were two themes that fired me up!

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