ETR 71: How to OWN Your Interest Rate

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Have you ever launched a new idea or product and been disappointed with the response to it? If you are anything like most people, then the response is a resounding “yes!”

The problem is that most people have the wrong expectation leading into their launch. Because they expect things to come easily, they are often set up to fall short of expectations without even knowing it.

The cool thing is that you can avoid this pitfall by making a small shift in your psychology. Rather than expecting instant, you MUST instead learn to “OWN your interest rate.”

What exactly does this mean? Well, simply put this encompasses you expecting to have to go out and create ENERGY around your brand. This is a small shift that can equal MASSIVE results.

This episode outlines the following four specific steps you can take to start owning your interest rate.

  1. Make interest your individual responsibility
  2. Create a vision that inspires you
  3. Incorporate ENERGY in all messaging
  4. Give people a reason to care

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Check out this week’s video on “Owning Your Interest Rate” by clicking on the thumbnail video below.  This will serve as a supplementary material to help you fully apply the concepts from this week’s lessons.