ETR 72: Be EXTRAordinary at SOMETHING!

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Have you ever had the urge to want to go out and be extraordinary in your life? I believe that most people at least have moments where they are passionate about having their life stand for something unique.

The problem is that most people allow these moments to pass without acting on them. They allow their inspiration to pass without a second thought.

I was recently on a flight to Dallas, Texas for a couple of talks when I had what I call a “moment of clarity.” These are moments where you have INTENSE energy around an idea that just makes sense. Another way I describe it is having an overwhelming urge in your body to want to do something.

My moment of clarity came while I was listening to music. It was crystal clear. I had a STRONG urge to want to go out and be EXTRAordinary in the key areas of my life. I realized I am nowhere near my potential when it comes to this pursuit.

I started taking notes like crazy with the thoughts that came about this topic so I would not lose them. What I came up with are 4 basic steps you can implement to create a life that is truly unique.

  1. Be intrigued by EXTRAordinary
  2. Identify the roles you want to be EXTRAordinary in
  3. Create a vision for EXTRAordinary in each role
  4. Take action on top values to build momentum

The biggest mistake we make is assuming that EXTRAordinary is reserved for other people.  The truth is that you can start the process of being unique in an AWESOME way at any moment.  You just have to believe it is possible.

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Check out this week’s video lesson on two rules that hold us from being EXTRAordinary by clicking on the graphic below.