ETR 74: Top Lessons From the Most Downloaded Episodes of All-Time

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Are you constantly looking for lessons to elevate your life?  Sure you are!  This is exactly why this is the perfect podcast for you!  Why exactly?  Because it features the best lessons from the most downloaded episodes of all-time for the ETR podcast.

How did I get these lessons?  Well, first off I interviewed over 40 people achieving EXTRAORDINARY things over the past year.  The interviews included Olympic Champions, billionaires, NCAA Champion coaches, uber successful entrepreneurs, international speakers, bestselling authors, and a variety of other unique performers.

From these individuals, I was able to learn what some of the most effective people on the planet are doing to get results.  This was a crash course in how to be AWESOME in your life!

On top of this, I was able to sit back and watch the episodes that listeners were most drawn to.  After more than 40,000+ downloads, there was a top five that emerged that included the following five individuals and lessons.

  • Lesson #1 (episode 11): “You MUST Pursue Extraordinary” from 21x NCAA Champion Coach Anson Dorrance
  • Lesson #2 (episode 15): “Create Habits That Serve Your Aspirations” from Billionaire Investor Mike Novogratz
  • Lesson #3 (episode 4): “Learn to Love the Growth Process” by Olympic and World Champion Kyle Snyder
  • Lesson #4 (episode 23): “Just Be Motivated” by 10x NCAA Champion Coach Jim Miller
  • Lesson #5 (episode 70):  “Strive to Elevate Other’s Standards” by my former Hall of Fame Coach Ron Bessemer

In this episode, I outline each of the lessons and how each of them can help people go out and live at a CRAZY high level.  Each episode is delivered in a nature progression to make it easy for you to apply them to your life in an efficient manner.

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