ETR 78: How “Small” Investments Can Lead to MASSIVE Success

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Have you ever wondered how some people manage to achieve MASSIVE success in their lives? You know, the people like Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, and Kyle Snyder.

It has to be talent, right? Well, that certainly plays a role as these people no doubt have gifts that impact their performance levels.

But this is not the main factor. Not even by a long shot considering all kinds of talented people never come close to living to potential.

Is it their work ethic? This is something that no doubt has an influence as these individuals work REALLY hard.

However, the truth is that hard work is not enough. There are all kinds of people that work hard and spin their wheels. They don’t achieve the results they desire.

So, what is the key ingredient you ask? It is all about their habits. The most successful people on the planet are great at doing the little things! And not just occasionally…every single day over extended periods of time.

This episode outlines four simple steps you can take to be just like the world’s top performers.  Follow through here and your results/life will explode:

  1. Break down your most important goal into Top 3 habits
  2. Schedule your top habit and follow through consistently
  3. Assess and stack remaining habits accordingly
  4. Rinse and repeat with other related goals

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