ETR 80: Why Not You? And Why Not Now?

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Why not you? This is the question you should ask yourself every single day if you don’t have a life you absolutely love.

The truth is that you are capable of far more than you realize.  In fact, you could realize all of your goals and dreams if you just lived to potential.

So, why is it that 97% of all people never make this happen?  Well, the reality is that we are battling against the current each day to make this happen.

Top Reasons for ‘Why We Don’t Achieve Great Things’

  1. Status quo environment around us (influences)
  2. Crazy clutter of living (distractions)
  3. Our lazy habits (counterproductive decisions)
  4. Lack of belief in ourselves (limiting thoughts)

Do you want more in your life?  If so, then commit to changing your focus.  Narrow in on people who have overcome these challenges to achieve extraordinary things.

In this episode, I talk about three people who will help you realize that you are capable of MUCH more.

Three Reasons to Believe in ‘Why Not You?’ Approach

  1. Elizabeth Smart (Kidnapped when 9 – Now inspirational speaker)
  2. Kyle Maynard (Quad Amputee – Now author, speaker, and amazing inspirational person)
  3. Oprah Winfrey (Abused and rejected – Now one of the most influential people on the planet)

Your life can change at any moment.  Get in the habit of asking yourself the right questions so you can transform your life.

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