ETR 81: How Uncomfortable Sparks Potential

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Uncomfortable sparks potential. This is not a concept that I always understood. Certainly not in the way that I outline it in this podcast episode.

The reality is that most people avoid uncomfortable at all costs in our society. Why? We are taught that things should come easily and instantly.

I have to admit that I fall into this category at times. In fact, this is exactly what I was doing recently with my health and fitness.

First, there were injuries that held me up from working out. Next, I got lazy with my diet and put on about 5 extra pounds. Finally, I justified it and settled for less than acceptable results.

The Turning Point

Lucky for me, I had a trip to California where I stayed with a coach who is in GREAT shape.  He asked me to go for a run in the morning and pushed the pace hard.

But the coolest thing happened in the process. I realized that I did not like the gap in my fitness level and made a decision to do something about it. Now I am back on track!

In this episode, I outline how you can use uncomfortable to spark your potential. These are four steps you can take to get more results almost immediately.

4 Steps for Uncomfortable to Spark Potential

  1. Prioritize your top priorities
  2. Invest in resources that stretch you in top priority areas
  3. Find people living at a HIGH level in top priority areas
  4. Use uncomfortable references to drive your transformation

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