ETR 82: The 3 Investments That Made My Life INCREDIBLE

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INCREDIBLE. That is the way I currently feel about my life. But it honestly hasn’t always been this way. It has taken consistent investments to get to this point.

As a part of what I do, I constantly strive to find the next level in my life. I see it as my job to identify unique strategies to help others create lives they love.

This is exactly why I place a premium on my growth routine. It is one of the single most important things I do every single day. Why? Because it brings me the following benefits:

  • Sets the tone right for my days
  • Allows me to hone my skill sets
  • Cultivates confidence via follow through
  • Ability to control mindset
  • And much more (outlined in this episode!)

However, I have learned that not all investments are created equal.  Honestly, there are some that pay MUCH larger dividends than others.

The Big 3 Investments

Do you want to know the 3 DAILY investments that have transformed my life more than others?  I am going to tell you here and I hope it piques your interest enough to listen to the episode.

  1. Reading 30-minutes
  2. Revisiting prioritized values
  3. Focusing on 4 gratitude “gifts”

Honestly, just seeing these three is not enough.  There is a strategy to approaching these investments that change EVERYTHING.  This is exactly why you should listen to this episode!

I will tell you 3 tips that will help you truly transform your life through these investments.  Listen on if you are ready to find the next level in your results and live!!!

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