ETR 83: How Excuses Cause Our Dreams to Disappear

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How EXCUSES and DREAMS are Connected

While we don’t often realize it, these two things are directly connected in our lives every single day.  When we say this out loud, it makes complete sense. Yet we get so caught up in our daily lives that we don’t even consider this fact.

Here is the reality. Every person on the planet has moments of clarity when they see things they would love to achieve in their lives.  The problem is that people don’t tend to act on them.

Why? Because deep down we don’t believe we can achieve them.  So we subconsciously find “reasonable” excuses that allow us to settle.  This is when dreams slowly start to disappear without us even knowing it.

Losing your ability to dream is alone an outcome worthy of fighting to avoid.  However, there is another consequence when you make excuses.  In the place of dreams comes disappointment that impacts every aspect of our life.

But the cool thing is that you DO NOT have to accept this!  Instead, you can commit to building up your ability to dream so you can drastically elevate your life.  This episode give you four steps to make this happen.

  1. Learn to truly listen to your inner voice
  2. Give your goals a gift
  3. Do something daily to close the gap
  4. Challenge yourself to step BIGGER

As you follow this process, your INTUITION, BELIEF, and ABILITY TO DREAM will all get better!  With this, your entire life will elevate to a place you LOVE!  Earn that right starting today!

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