ETR 84: TEDx Talk Uncut – How Perspective Sparks Potential

The TEDx Talk Perspective

Every single day, we make choices on how to respond to our environment.  The problem is that we often make them unconsciously based on previously established, counterproductive habits.

Let me give you an example I see on a consistent basis.  A person goes out to pursue a goal that they are passionate about.  They take action and don’t get immediate results.

Rather than digging in and seeing this tension as a part of the process, they get frustrated and stop taking action.  They often tend to take the lack of results personally.

This response leads to negative emotions that impact all parts of our lives.  And we tend to do this with a wide range of situations in our lives.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The reality is that we ALWAYS have control on how we respond to the situations in our lives.  That is, if we keep the right perspective.  I outlined how to make this happen in my Perspective Sparks Potential TEDx Talk.

If you start taking control of your choice to respond in a productive manner, your entire life will drastically transform.  You will start to get results and emotions you absolutely love.  But you MUST earn them!

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