ETR 86: How to Overcome “Never-ending” Cycle of Negative

The “Never-ending” Cycle of Negative

What stops most people from achieving their goals?  The cycle of negative thoughts that fill their minds on a daily basis.

If you are skeptical here, consider the fact that research shows that 80% of most people’s thoughts are negative.  This means that 12.8 hours of days are filled with unproductive junk.

When you consider these statistics, it is easy to see how 66% of people are stressed and unhappy with their lives.  They are focused on thoughts that give them unwanted emotions.

Are you in this place?  Don’t dwell about it if so.  Instead, simply commit to habits that will allow you to flip the script on negative thoughts.

This episode outlines four simple steps you can take to end the cycle of negative in your life.  Following through will allow you to create habits conducive to an inspired life.

  1. Interrupt your negative patterns: Create a morning growth routine
  2. Redirect your focus: Point your brain to what you want (values/goals)
  3. Reinforce proactive habits: Take action to build momentum
  4. Stack and fill brain with positive: Pursue habits that elevate efforts

Be proactive about charging your mind so you can realize your full performance potential.  Take steps this week and close the gap on your goals and the life you desire!

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