ETR 87: How to Flip the Script on Stress

Why “Flip the Script” is So Important?

Every chance I get, I am constantly talking about the importance of flipping the script.  Why?  Because it is a skill set with the potential to radically elevate your life.

The reality is that most people are walking around each day experiencing emotions they don’t want.  Don’t believe it?  Then just consider the fact that 66% of people are consistently stressed.

When you talk to people experiencing stress, they generally believe that it is outside of their control.  This is where an incredible opportunity lies to create transformation.

It is entirely possible to flip the script on any emotion in your life.  That is, if you are willing to create a system that teaches your brain to focus on productive thoughts.

This podcast episode outlines four steps that you can take to flip the script on stress.

  1. See stress as a choice
  2. Train your brain to intuitively interrupt negative patterns
  3. Track counterproductive emotions (and thought causing them)
  4. Create and implement productive redirects

Take action today so you can create emotions that radically elevate the quality of your life.

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