ETR 89: How Excuses Rob Us Daily of Extraordinary

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Eliminate Excuses and Achieve EXTRAordinary

Every single day, most people give up one of their greatest powers to create results they desire.  How?  By making excuses that limit their potential.

I have learned from experience that excuses come in abundance for most people.  I’m not enough, I don’t have enough time, and I am not a morning person are a few I have heard this week.

There are literally thousands of examples of excuses that people use to let themselves off the hook.  I’m sure you can relate if you are being honest with yourself.

The key to creating meaningful change and results in your life is to learn to eliminate excuses.  In this episode, I outline four specific steps you can take to make this happen!

  • Catch the robber in the act
  • See the excuse for what it truly is
  • Tell excuse to go away…you don’t need it!
  • Focus on all the reasons you WILL close the gap

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