ETR 90: How Technology is TRASHING Our Ability to Achieve

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It’s Time to Talk Technology…

As I rode the elliptical this week at the gym, I listened to music to get myself in a creative state.  I have learned from experience that this is one of the ways I generate my best thoughts.

For some reason, my mind kept coming back to recent conversations with people.  These included friends, clients, event planners, and business owners.  They all centered around challenges they were facing.

There were three trends that kept emerging: Focus, motivation, and frustration. 

Most of these people were experiencing undesirable emotions because of a lack of focus and motivation.  As I reflected on these outcomes, I kept asking myself “WHY?” with emotional intensity.

Eventually the answer why so many people are failing to get desirable outcomes came to me.  It was technology.  I realized that this single area is robbing our ability to live to potential.

In this episode, I outline exactly how technology is trashing our ability to achieve and four steps we can take to flip the script and live to potential.

How to Flip the Script:

  1. Create immediate interrupt with your most important things
  2. Produce “distraction free” priority work periods
  3. Set technology use limitations daily
  4. See technology for what it is

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