ETR 91: 3 Steps to Diminish Your Doubt

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If you could change one single habit in your life, what would it be?  This is the question I have asked hundreds of people the last month.

Why?  Because I wanted to learn the biggest barriers people were facing in their lives.  Equally important, I wanted to know what change people were passionate about creating.

In the end, there were two responses that were prominent over the rest.  The second most popular…eliminating sugar.  People commonly referred to themselves as “sugar junkies” and wanted to be able to get rid of this habit.

The most popular response…eliminating self-doubt.  The interesting thing is that this was a trend that even showed up among highly effective people in prominent leadership roles.

Most people tend to believe that self-doubt is out of their control, but this is simply not true.  The reality is that doubt itself is a pattern that can be diminished with the right habits.

This podcast episode outlines 3 simple steps you can take to flip the script on self-doubt.  If you commit to working them on a consistent basis, you can replace limiting beliefs with confidence and empowering emotions.

3 Steps to Diminish Your Doubt:
  1. Acknowledge (But Don’t Over-Respond to) Doubt
  2. Doubt Your Doubt
  3. Re-direct Your Doubt

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