ETR 92: The Convenience Conundrum…The Cost of Only Doing Things When You Feel Like It

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In the past few weeks, I have noticed a trend in the people I have been working with.  In coaching, courses, challenges…I keep hearing the same thing from people: I didn’t do it.

These were good people that intended to follow through on their intentions, but something kept coming up.  For one person, it was focus that stopped them from taking action.  For another it was a busy schedule that got in the way.

Then there was Spring Break.  Vacation came and habits were completely out the door.  In all of these instances, the things that mattered most took a back seat to convenience.  And there is ALWAYS a cost when this happens.

This episode outlines these costs before outlining four steps you can take to flip the script on the “Convenience Conundrum.”  Don’t allow easy to stop you from living to your highest potential.

4 Steps to Flip the Script on the Convenience Conundrum
  1. Get crystal clear on absolute top priority areas
  2. Determine the costs and benefits of follow through
  3. Stop lying to yourself
  4. Do it anyways!!!

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