ETR Uncut 8: Transformational Shift During My TEDx Talk

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I Was Definitely Nervous

I had prepared for my TEDx Talk for months. From the moment I found out I had been accepted to give one, I had prepared for the opportunity.

For the first month, I dove into creating a crazy profound topic that would impact people. And once that was in place, I practiced every single day on my delivery.

Then I arrived in Hilliard for the event for rehearsal and felt some nerves coming on. As I watched the other speakers, I realized I was definitely a little nervous.

There is no doubt that this showed in my practice talk as I lost my place at one point in the talk. I left realizing I needed to adjust.

Transformational Shift: How I Changed My Approach

Leaving the facility, I stopped and went through my normal “emotion interrupt process.” This is when I realized my focus was all wrong.

My problem was that I was worried too much about what the talk would mean for me. Through a series of situations, I shifted my mindset back to focusing on giving and growing.

Getting back to my two top core values was exactly what I needed to do to deliver my talk at a high level. I felt GREAT during the talk and LOVED the process!

This episode outlines how you can shift any negative emotion you are feeling so you can perform to potential. Learn how to redirect so you can live at a high level every single day!

And be ready to check out my TEDx Talk when it comes out in a few weeks! It will be a game changer!

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